Post Apocalyptic Gaming

First steps into the waste….

Hey guys! Well I finally got my post apoc blog set up and ready for my first pics. I will be doing a ton of stuff on here, basically post apoc minis, terrain and rulesets. I’ll do reviews of new stuff that comes out and some how-tos as I build terrain. Like many people, I figure that a blog will help me stay on top of my gaming projects. We’ll see. I’m pretty psyched about getting it set up so here we go!

First up, I will be doing mainly nuclear or some other huge disaster post apoc and not zombie apoc so much. I’m not saying that that wouldn’t be a huge disaster, or that I’m not interested in it, but that I wont be focusing on that as my main theme for now. I am interested in all kinds of zombie stuff and will get more involved with it over time, but for now most of my postings will be about other forms of the end of the world. Whats cool is that when I do get around to it,  much of my terrain and stuff will crossover. So don’t worry, I’m not hatin’.

Next, my first project will be a squad of Brotherhood of Steel from Brother Vinni, and some bark scorpions from Reaper minis. Here are the assembly/unprimed pics. I’ll be working on these this week and will get some more shots up as I go along. Those aren’t the bases for the scorpions, I just used them for contrast. I’ll probably go with 28mm for those.


Next, Dead Earth Rich from over on the Post Apoc Wargames Forum and his brother Mike have written a cool game called Across the Dead Earth, and have it up on kickstarter. Its a skirmish wargame that focuses on small gangs (5 or 6), and doesn’t follow the whole I go, you go mechanic, that many other games use. I think thats great because it keeps both players in the action and not asleep while you move 200 figures. There are only 4 days left and it is funded with a super cool stretch goal opened for an extra gang. There is also an add on for a post apoc bar, so check it out!

Speaking of end of the world, I just finished this guy last week for a painting club on the Lead Adventure forums. Talk about a civilization ending occurrrence, he would surely be one! I’ll just leave you worrying about him for the time being. Until next time, Don’t forget to take your rad-x!

Emergency Override




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