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Clarksville Base Cold War Nuclear Storage

I love studying the Cold War, and having lived during that time, also enjoy seeing relics of that age. Its hard to believe that it has officially been over for 22 years. Many of the younger generation have no clue exactly what it was all about. To them it’s ancient history, but I still remember those days. It probably wasn’t true, but it seemed alot easier to tell who the enemy was. Mostly it was Nato and the Warsaw Pact  in a standoff, with a few others added in for good measure. There were some non-state players causing problems, but not like today.

As the world changes and moves on from that time period, the trappings of the Cold War have almost disappeared. One that is still around is the old Clarksville Base, or at least part of it, on Ft. Campbell.  They are now allowing people to access it to do self guided walking tours. You can go to the museum on Ft. Campbell, get a map and then have at it.

At one time it held one third of America’s atomic arsenal. The area was super secret and in a secluded area of Ft. Campbell. It was ran by the Navy for years and had Marine guards authorized to shoot to kill in the Q areas where the work and storage bunkers were. Here are 2 articles from our local paper from this week. There is video and some pictures. Although there’s not many pics from the actual operational time as cameras were forbidden for the most part. Pretty cool info. I hope to get by and explore soon.

Up next, pics of the painted Bark scorpions and Brotherhood of Steel Figures.

Until next time, don’t forget your Rad-X!




Brotherhood of Steel progress

Well its been about a week since my last post,and I’ve managed to get the Brotherhood of Steel guys converted and ready for paint. The figures are from Brother Vinni’s and are cast in resin. They were easy to work with and needed almost no cleaning up. Converting them was pretty easy as well, as I have a pretty deep bits box, and a set of micro diamond files and saws.

If they could model a few more poses for these guys it would work wonders, but I can work with what they produce. I intend to use these for the Across the Dead Earth Skirmish game, and for this you have gangs consisting of around 5 or 6 figures just depending on their loadout.

For my BOS gang I’ll probably end up with less than 5 because they sport some high tech stuff, but I was having fun and just assembled/converted all of them. I ended up with a bog standard trooper with laser,  trooper with gatling laser, scribe/medic, rpg trooper (couldnt resist, I knew I had kept all those Red Blok At-43 troops for some reason), arm conversion trooper with laser rifle, and a trooper with laser rifle converted to a leader w/ binocs. (Just click on the Pics for a bigger view)


Over the next week I’ll be trying to get them all painted up in suitably grungy Post Apoc style, then on to the bark scorpions, and a Fallout Dot’s Diner conversion from a Plasticville O/S Gauge diner model that I scored on the cheap from Ebay.


Until next time,  don’t forget to take your Rad-x!