Post Apocalyptic Gaming

Brotherhood of Steel progress

Well its been about a week since my last post,and I’ve managed to get the Brotherhood of Steel guys converted and ready for paint. The figures are from Brother Vinni’s and are cast in resin. They were easy to work with and needed almost no cleaning up. Converting them was pretty easy as well, as I have a pretty deep bits box, and a set of micro diamond files and saws.

If they could model a few more poses for these guys it would work wonders, but I can work with what they produce. I intend to use these for the Across the Dead Earth Skirmish game, and for this you have gangs consisting of around 5 or 6 figures just depending on their loadout.

For my BOS gang I’ll probably end up with less than 5 because they sport some high tech stuff, but I was having fun and just assembled/converted all of them. I ended up with a bog standard trooper with laser,  trooper with gatling laser, scribe/medic, rpg trooper (couldnt resist, I knew I had kept all those Red Blok At-43 troops for some reason), arm conversion trooper with laser rifle, and a trooper with laser rifle converted to a leader w/ binocs. (Just click on the Pics for a bigger view)


Over the next week I’ll be trying to get them all painted up in suitably grungy Post Apoc style, then on to the bark scorpions, and a Fallout Dot’s Diner conversion from a Plasticville O/S Gauge diner model that I scored on the cheap from Ebay.


Until next time,  don’t forget to take your Rad-x!



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