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I’m back, Also Fallout Posideon Gas Station

Hey everyone, its been eons since we last visited. I’ve definitely missed it. In that time many things have changed for the better and for a while there wasn’t much time for hobbies. I have finally managed to set some minutes aside to continue my exploration of the wastes, and I am happy to post pics of a project I started last year and am working hard to finish soon. Without further ado, here are some work in progress shots of my scratch built Fallout Posideon Gas Station. I will be using this as terrain in my miniatures games of Fallout with the excellent Across the Dead Earth rules by Rich and Mike Chappell from Dead Earth Games, and the equally cool Mutants and Death Ray Guns rules from Andrea Sfiligoi and Ganesha Games. Please check out both of these games and their other offerings. All three guys are all around great blokes and make some really fun games. On to the pics!

This station was made with Mdf, foamcore, different sizes of balsa, and thin plasticard. The figure in the shots is Adam, the team leader from the Adam’s Family gang in Across the Dead Earth. The cars are some long out of print toy cars from Marx Toys “Cars of the Future” line. They go for a mint now if you can find them, but I managed to pick these up a few years ago from Ebay on the cheap. Now that the assembly is complete, I’ll be texturing and painting it up in suitably grungy colors. More pics as soon as I get it textured and the base coats applied. Also, more work has been made on my Brotherhood of Steel figures and the Bark Scorpions. Pics soon I promise.

Until next time, don’t forget to take your Rad-x!

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