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I am thrilled about Modiphius games announcement of a Fallout tabletop game. This is one of if not my favorite game universe. A friend of mine and I were talking 10 years ago about just such an occurrence, and I stated that if such a game ever did hit the streets then I would be all in. Well, it is happening and I will be.  The game will be up for preorder this summer with full release in November! While we don’t know much yet about the full details or mechanics, we do know that the rules will have pvp, coop and solo modes. The figures will be in 32mm scale but that seems to be the regular scale nowadays. GW calls their stuff 28mm heroic but its been 32mm for awhile. Here’s a pic of the lone wanderer and dogmeat!



Here are a Super Mutant and a Bos trooper:

and here is the full announcement: Modiphius /Fallout

Also, you can join the fun and keep up with things here on their face book page if you go in for that sort of thing. 🙂 Modiphius Facebook The future looks bright! or at least as bright as it can after a nuclear conflict.

Take care everybody. Until next time, don’t forget to take your Rad-x!

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