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Post Apoc (Fallout) Role Playing Game


Hello everyone! I hope everything has been going well for you. As for me I have been tossing around the idea of running a Fallouty (is that a word?!?) role playing game for some time now. The issue I have been running into is that there is no actual rpg for it and finding the right rules to use or convert for it has been giving me fits. I didn’t want to have to do a full on conversion from the ground up as I don’t have the time for that. So I have basically been writing down ideas for a campaign and biding my time looking for a suitable system that is easy to use and convert, and also has the right “feel”.

The other day I was going through the different forums I haunt and saw mention of a game called “The Wasted Hack” by Aaron Frost. Its a post apoc rpg conversion based on “The Black Hack” by David Black. The Black Hack is a clone of the Original edition of D&D from back in the 70’s. In the earliest editions much of the heavy lifting and world building was left to the GM. This was rules lite at its best. Plenty of space for figuring things out on the fly and not having to check in the 43rd book of the 57th edition for a chart to see if your character uses his right or left hand to pick his/her nose, and which finger is used on Tuesdays. It was more about Role playing and not Roll playing.

These are the systems I cut my teeth on all those years ago and they hold a special place in my heart. As such the Wasted Hack is just the thing for my game, so I picked up the print edition bundle.  I already have a ton of background material written over the last few years, so It will be easy to drop my world into the game’s framework and just tweak a few things here and there.

I also love to use minis and terrain in my games. I use paper minis and have a ton of minis and terrain from over the years and one set I am extremely excited to get to use is the Punks and Raggedy men set from David Okum at Okumarts games.  These are post apoc characters at their best! They come from his Armageddon Outta Here series and include some walls and barricades as bonus features in the set. For $2.45 you can’t beat it! I’ll flesh out more terrain and figures soon and they will be used in a future post.


The campaign will be based here in Clarksville, Tn and the surrounding areas. It is currently the home of the 101st Airborne Division which has a huge base on nearby Fort Campbell. At one point in the 1950’s and early 60’s, the Birdcage at Ft. Campbell held one third of the Nation’s atomic arsenal. You can do self guided tours there now and I’ll post some picks on my next trip as it is only a few miles from my house. In the game, things change over the years and by the time the bombs fall in 2077 there has been a vault built in downtown Clarksville for the local dignitaries and brass from the base. I haven’t fully decided on where the characters will start, whether they’ll be from the vault or a local conclave, but I’ll get there. Pics will be posted here from game sessions as we play. There’s a fair bit to get ready so I’ll leave it here for now and will post again as I get things ready.

Take care everybody. Until next time, don’t forget to take your Rad-x!

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I am thrilled about Modiphius games announcement of a Fallout tabletop game. This is one of if not my favorite game universe. A friend of mine and I were talking 10 years ago about just such an occurrence, and I stated that if such a game ever did hit the streets then I would be all in. Well, it is happening and I will be.  The game will be up for preorder this summer with full release in November! While we don’t know much yet about the full details or mechanics, we do know that the rules will have pvp, coop and solo modes. The figures will be in 32mm scale but that seems to be the regular scale nowadays. GW calls their stuff 28mm heroic but its been 32mm for awhile. Here’s a pic of the lone wanderer and dogmeat!



Here are a Super Mutant and a Bos trooper:

and here is the full announcement: Modiphius /Fallout

Also, you can join the fun and keep up with things here on their face book page if you go in for that sort of thing. 🙂 Modiphius Facebook The future looks bright! or at least as bright as it can after a nuclear conflict.

Take care everybody. Until next time, don’t forget to take your Rad-x!

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I’m back, Also Fallout Posideon Gas Station

Hey everyone, its been eons since we last visited. I’ve definitely missed it. In that time many things have changed for the better and for a while there wasn’t much time for hobbies. I have finally managed to set some minutes aside to continue my exploration of the wastes, and I am happy to post pics of a project I started last year and am working hard to finish soon. Without further ado, here are some work in progress shots of my scratch built Fallout Posideon Gas Station. I will be using this as terrain in my miniatures games of Fallout with the excellent Across the Dead Earth rules by Rich and Mike Chappell from Dead Earth Games, and the equally cool Mutants and Death Ray Guns rules from Andrea Sfiligoi and Ganesha Games. Please check out both of these games and their other offerings. All three guys are all around great blokes and make some really fun games. On to the pics!

This station was made with Mdf, foamcore, different sizes of balsa, and thin plasticard. The figure in the shots is Adam, the team leader from the Adam’s Family gang in Across the Dead Earth. The cars are some long out of print toy cars from Marx Toys “Cars of the Future” line. They go for a mint now if you can find them, but I managed to pick these up a few years ago from Ebay on the cheap. Now that the assembly is complete, I’ll be texturing and painting it up in suitably grungy colors. More pics as soon as I get it textured and the base coats applied. Also, more work has been made on my Brotherhood of Steel figures and the Bark Scorpions. Pics soon I promise.

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Post apocalypse beverages

Here’s an article about a study the government did back in the 60’s about the effect of an atomic blast on canned and bottled drinks. It was called Operation Teapot. Pretty interesting stuff.


Until next time, don’t forget to take your Rad-x!


Clarksville Base Cold War Nuclear Storage

I love studying the Cold War, and having lived during that time, also enjoy seeing relics of that age. Its hard to believe that it has officially been over for 22 years. Many of the younger generation have no clue exactly what it was all about. To them it’s ancient history, but I still remember those days. It probably wasn’t true, but it seemed alot easier to tell who the enemy was. Mostly it was Nato and the Warsaw Pact  in a standoff, with a few others added in for good measure. There were some non-state players causing problems, but not like today.

As the world changes and moves on from that time period, the trappings of the Cold War have almost disappeared. One that is still around is the old Clarksville Base, or at least part of it, on Ft. Campbell.  They are now allowing people to access it to do self guided walking tours. You can go to the museum on Ft. Campbell, get a map and then have at it.

At one time it held one third of America’s atomic arsenal. The area was super secret and in a secluded area of Ft. Campbell. It was ran by the Navy for years and had Marine guards authorized to shoot to kill in the Q areas where the work and storage bunkers were. Here are 2 articles from our local paper from this week. There is video and some pictures. Although there’s not many pics from the actual operational time as cameras were forbidden for the most part. Pretty cool info. I hope to get by and explore soon.

Up next, pics of the painted Bark scorpions and Brotherhood of Steel Figures.

Until next time, don’t forget your Rad-X!



Brotherhood of Steel progress

Well its been about a week since my last post,and I’ve managed to get the Brotherhood of Steel guys converted and ready for paint. The figures are from Brother Vinni’s and are cast in resin. They were easy to work with and needed almost no cleaning up. Converting them was pretty easy as well, as I have a pretty deep bits box, and a set of micro diamond files and saws.

If they could model a few more poses for these guys it would work wonders, but I can work with what they produce. I intend to use these for the Across the Dead Earth Skirmish game, and for this you have gangs consisting of around 5 or 6 figures just depending on their loadout.

For my BOS gang I’ll probably end up with less than 5 because they sport some high tech stuff, but I was having fun and just assembled/converted all of them. I ended up with a bog standard trooper with laser,  trooper with gatling laser, scribe/medic, rpg trooper (couldnt resist, I knew I had kept all those Red Blok At-43 troops for some reason), arm conversion trooper with laser rifle, and a trooper with laser rifle converted to a leader w/ binocs. (Just click on the Pics for a bigger view)


Over the next week I’ll be trying to get them all painted up in suitably grungy Post Apoc style, then on to the bark scorpions, and a Fallout Dot’s Diner conversion from a Plasticville O/S Gauge diner model that I scored on the cheap from Ebay.


Until next time,  don’t forget to take your Rad-x!


Across the Dead Earth

Yesterday I posted briefly about Across the Dead Earth, a new game by Mike and Rich Chappell. Here’s some more info!

Click here for the Kickstarter page: Across the Dead Earth.

Here’s the video preview!


And now for some pics of the gangs and addons opened so far:


The State is an opened stretch goal and we are working on a second called the Sisters of Aquisition. There are 4 days left so come give it a look! With that I’ll leave you with some fiction by the authors:

The Rag Market

“State your business!”
The accent was odd…funny even, the vowels elongated, extra syllables trying to work their way into the words. So these were the Brummies.
“We’re just passing through,” called back Adam, calmly, casually, “we’ll have a look at the Rag Market for some supplies before we find somewhere to rest the night, and my friend here will probably look for some books.” He indicated Ezra, who nodded slightly.
“Books?” replied the guard from his ramshackle tower, which formed part of a barricade across the wide tarmac’ed road, formed largely of metal parts and those rubber things they used to put on the wheels of vehicles. He sounded pretty disparaging of books.
“Alright,” he replied, somehow substituting both of the more traditional vowels with O’s, “come on in, but drop your ammunition in the box and take a ticket for it. You can have it back when you leave. Knives and swords and what have you n’all.”
The rusty barbed-wire gate was swung open from the inside, and one-by-one my new family walked through, passing the ammo from their weapons to a man on their right before being frisked by one on their left, and having their guns checked and handed back to them by a third man. A fourth wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to them. Adam went first, as ever. I admired his calm and easy manner, chatting and joking with the guards even as they pored over his most treasured possessions. He stopped to point out some mark of interest on his pistol to the ticket-writer, who stared down the barrel with interest, as Drexyl, Reggie, Ezra and then I moved through the checkpoint, handing over our valuable ammunition, our hard fought prizes, to these strangers. It felt wrong to me – I struggled to let go of the bullets, and in particular the knife that had saved my life so many times. I knew I had to trust my family, Adam, Ezra and Drexyl had all been here before. Reggie seemed un-phased, but he went after Drexyl, and that kid would crawl over broken glass if Drexyl had done the same before him.
I was holding my breath in anticipation by the time the guy on the left indicated to me to put my arms out for him to frisk me, worried about how I would react to have his hands on me, patting me down, maybe checking a little more thoroughly than the job called for…that was what I expected. But I barely felt a thing through his gloves and my clothes, and he didn’t even look up at me, probably hadn’t even noticed that I was female, and then I was being handed a piece of paper and ushered on through another barbed wire gate.
I followed my family members into such noise and smells and colours that it took me aback for a second, and I must have stood, staring. I wasn’t used to seeing so many people! I had never really seen a city before, not one that people still lived in at any rate, and The Rag Market was a city alright. I had never seen such a lack of nature – I was used to buildings covered in moss and lichen, shoots growing through cracked and broken walls. Here there was no greenery to be seen, buildings were a mix of ancient crumbling stone or concrete and more recently added cloth or metal sections. The air was so thick with smoke, both from the cigars, cigarettes and pipes which were almost ubiquitous accessories, but from furnaces, kilns and blow-torches – as least what I know to be those things now, to me then they were all just strange, noxious smelling machines that belched black smoke. Most of these were out on the street, set up on stalls, alongside clothes, guns, ammunition, boots, blankets, cigarettes, liquor, tinned foods and even fresh food. On and around the stalls were people, everywhere, rushing to and fro, or standing chatting, chewing tobacco and drinking spirits distilled from god knows what.
“Some of the fresh food here is apparently actually edible,” Adam told us, as he lead the way through the throngs of people, “they had some underground farm that they swear is radiation free.”
“You can grow radiation free crops anywhere, if you’re careful,” argued Reggie, biting loudly into some kind of green and red plant seed. Reggie had grown up on a farm. He really believed this stuff was save. I’ll stick to my tins.
“Sure you can,” said Adam, smiling at Reggie, “still, let’s stock up on a few tins just to be on the safe side, eh?”

He had plenty of food, but as things were going pretty well recently, we also had a whole bunch of other loot to trade, and our points recently cashed in from The State allowed a little indulgence. I knew what Adam’s would be. Tinned peaches. I never even heard of a peach before I ran into Adam, Ezra, my Family…he goes nuts for them. Whatever gets you through I suppose, and they’ve got to be better than anything that grew.
“How about we see if we can find a card game?” asked Reggie, looking up at Drexyl, hopefully.
“Sure thing, kid,” the bigger man agreed, smiling a smile of chipped and metal capped teeth, “so long as there’s a bar and you don’t get all bent out of shape when I take your money again.”
If Reggie was ever insulted by Drexyl’s teasing, it never showed, he simply beamed back at the man he so clearly idolised and made ready to follow him.
“Okay everyone, I’ll sort us our some accommodation and catch you up at…?”
“The Engineer’s Arms,” replied Drexyl.
“Right you are,” Adam replied, and turned to leave.
Ezra stopped him with a hand on his shoulder and motioned with his thumb in the opposite direction.
“Okay buddy,” replied Adam to his old friend, “Ezra going to head to the bookstore.”
“Oh, I’ll go too!” I heard myself say. Reggie’s face broke into a childish grin.
“He’s teaching me to read!” I protested, probably way too defensively. Reggie’s grin just became wider.
“Wait, you can’t read? What kind of crazy commune did you come from?”
“Look who’s talking,” interrupted the low gravel voice of Drexyl, too my relief “what good did reading ever do you?”
“I’ll show you when I beat you at poker. The little numbers really help,” replied Reggie, sardonically, and Drexyl punched him playfully on the shoulder, pushing him in the direction of the bar. Adam saluted his two finger mock-salute – a deliberately lazy aping of that used by The State, and made his way off into the crowd.
I turned to my silent friend, his eyes calm and quiet behind his ever present gas mask.
“Lead the way!”

We pushed our way through the crowds – there must have been two or three hundred people in this City – and trough the smoke, noise and hanging cloths which people used to separate their meagre stalls form one another. I knew some of the guys were looking forward to staying in an inn tonight, with the warmth, food and drink to order, company and other distractions, but I preferred the way we usually lived – making camp in deserted villages or even out under the stars. I liked to know who was sleeping nearby me, and that both of us would be armed. My missing knife felt like an amputated limb.

I followed Ezra to the door of a building, standing unique amongst the ruins around it. The concrete behind the door seemed to only extend a few yards back before it merged into the rubble around, like it lead into a closet. My reading was even worse then than it is now, but I think the sign said “Pzz Ht”.
“What is this?” I asked Ezra.
“Bookstore,” he replied, bringing his grand total of words uttered for that day up to around one, and pushing the door open. As soon as he did the architecture made sense, as what I had taken to be a shallow closest was actually the entrance to a stairwell leading down into a stale smelling gloom. Of course, now I know that the wealthy live underground, and that’s where the best stores are, but, give me a break, this was the first City I had been too that wasn’t populated solely by rats and cockroaches!
Here’s something funny about that day – I don’t remember how that place was lit. And it was – for an underground store that place was lit up like a bonfire! I guess in bookstores it’s important people can see. But something distracted me, and you’re going to take this totally the wrong way if you’re anything like Reggie or Drexyl or…men, but I can’t remember because that was the first time Ezra touched me. Just as we were coming down the stairs, which were really steep, Ezra reached behind himself and took the first two fingers of my left hand in his. To guide me. To steady me. Don’t even look at me like that. Of course I love him, but it isn’t like that. It’s just that I remember it because…well because Ezra doesn’t do things like that…he doesn’t even speak! I guess I always hoped that he cared about me like Adam said he did but..
“Ezra!”called out the lardy old dwarf as we reached the bottom of the stairs, “My old friend, how can I help you today? What are we after, maps? A little pre-was literature? Language?”
I don’t know that Ezra and the dwarf were ever friends but the guy sure knew Ezra, because he didn’t take offence when all those questions were replied with only a thin smile and a wave towards the rear of the shop.
“Of course, old friend, you help yourself.” The man never acknowledged I was there. Rude given his eyes never left me. And not my face either. Goddamn weapons barriers.
I followed Ezra, closely now, to the back of the store, where he took his time running his fingers along the spines of the old tomes. Pre-war, these were. Writing today never gets bound in the same way those old books do – with the same care. They were beautiful dusty things. I always found it fascinating that they – these seemingly fragile things made of paper – had been around longer than anyone I had ever met…longer than the world I knew. It seems so surreal sometime, to imagine that there were so many people in the world that there were this many books. I guess everyone wrote a few.
Like I said, my reading was pretty poor, and Ezra was teaching me to read, whatever my other reasons for not wanting to go with the other boys that night, but I pretty much stood mute whilst Ezra looked at the spines of the books, occasionally taking them from the shelf and flicking through the pages.
Eventually he stopped returning books to the shelf and settled on reading several pages of the same one. When he closed it, he looked up at me for the first time in half an hour and smiled his funny, silent half smile.
“We’re buying this one?” I asked. He nodded, and then he leant towards me and whispered, like a conspirator, like Drexyl would whisper to me “I’ll take the guy on the roof, you take the guy on the ground” half way through a fight:
“Very rare, beautifully illustrated.”

Alrighty guys, thats it for this post. I know its a little long, but I like the fiction.
Until next time don’t forget to take your Rad-X!

First steps into the waste….

Hey guys! Well I finally got my post apoc blog set up and ready for my first pics. I will be doing a ton of stuff on here, basically post apoc minis, terrain and rulesets. I’ll do reviews of new stuff that comes out and some how-tos as I build terrain. Like many people, I figure that a blog will help me stay on top of my gaming projects. We’ll see. I’m pretty psyched about getting it set up so here we go!

First up, I will be doing mainly nuclear or some other huge disaster post apoc and not zombie apoc so much. I’m not saying that that wouldn’t be a huge disaster, or that I’m not interested in it, but that I wont be focusing on that as my main theme for now. I am interested in all kinds of zombie stuff and will get more involved with it over time, but for now most of my postings will be about other forms of the end of the world. Whats cool is that when I do get around to it,  much of my terrain and stuff will crossover. So don’t worry, I’m not hatin’.

Next, my first project will be a squad of Brotherhood of Steel from Brother Vinni, and some bark scorpions from Reaper minis. Here are the assembly/unprimed pics. I’ll be working on these this week and will get some more shots up as I go along. Those aren’t the bases for the scorpions, I just used them for contrast. I’ll probably go with 28mm for those.


Next, Dead Earth Rich from over on the Post Apoc Wargames Forum and his brother Mike have written a cool game called Across the Dead Earth, and have it up on kickstarter. Its a skirmish wargame that focuses on small gangs (5 or 6), and doesn’t follow the whole I go, you go mechanic, that many other games use. I think thats great because it keeps both players in the action and not asleep while you move 200 figures. There are only 4 days left and it is funded with a super cool stretch goal opened for an extra gang. There is also an add on for a post apoc bar, so check it out!

Speaking of end of the world, I just finished this guy last week for a painting club on the Lead Adventure forums. Talk about a civilization ending occurrrence, he would surely be one! I’ll just leave you worrying about him for the time being. Until next time, Don’t forget to take your rad-x!

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